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I came to MLH Wellness with about 1 year of constant stomach bloating. There were days where I couldn't even fit into my jeans! I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me or if I had some sort of food intolerance. The doctors all just said I probably have a sensitive stomach. So I turned to NRT because my sister recommended it. I started with a new diet plan and taking supplements to help. Within the first 2 months I noticeably saw a difference in how many times my stomach bloated. I've been now going for about 4 months and my stomach rarely has a reaction. I'm still getting to the bottom of getting my system and digestive components to 100% so I'm excited to get there, but I have to say that this program has truly helped me feel comfortable again. And it's inspired me to eat ALOT healthier and actually think about what I'm putting into my body. I know I'll keep this diet forever from the way it makes me feel. I highly recommend Monica if you have any issues!
I always appreciate a doctor or wellness specialist who wants to get to the cause of a symptom and not just treat the symptom. I went to Monica to help me get rid of allergies to my own cats and I have been very impressed with the progress I have made after just a couple of months.  There was actually a noticeable difference within a week, but the total resolution of the allergy has been inhibited only by my inability to stick 100% with the dietary program suggested to build up my nervous system, immune system and a realignment of my whole constitutional health.
I have also lost weight as a result of the dietary changes and I can highly recommend Monica's services to anyone with any nagging health issue.
I've been seeing Monica for about 5 weeks now & I have seen a significant change in my well being. I have uterine fibroid tumors that have reappeared only 6 years after fibroid removal surgery; an overactive thyroid which makes my hair fall out, gives me extreme dandruff, swollen feet, and severe stomach bloating (I look 4 months pregnant!) Also, I have extremely low energy because of the tyroid & don't want to do much of anything at all because of it.

Since seeing Monica, I have more energy, my dandruff problem is GONE, my feet don't swell up anymore and the lump in my throat (thyroid) is significantly smaller. I still have a ways to go, but I am optimistic and very grateful for Monica & her assistant Jenni and the amazing work they do!

If you have ANY health problems, have a consultation with Monica. I have tried the traditional Western medicine approach (better know as the "pill poppin" and/or surgery approach) only to see my ailments come right back again. What's different about Monica is... she doesn't cover up illnesses, she cures them!
I have to tell you that I've been dealing with allergies my whole life, I just didn't quite realize it and in the last year they've really been affecting my quality of life (to the point that it was painful to wear my contacts and makeup!). Thanks to a couple of amazing women, I discovered someone who could actually help me get to the bottom of the allergies and get rid of my symptoms. It's beyond amazing and I am so grateful to Monica Hershaft of MLH Wellness for her caring and dedication.

I highly recommend you check her out if you have anything you've just been dealing with and are ready to take action. It's definitely a process and I've had to give up some of my favorite foods for the time being, but it's been WELL worth it! (Plus, I've lost a couple of pounds without trying!)
I went to see Monica Hershaft because I had chronic headaches for three months and I got tired of taking advil, excedrin or alieve every day...or twice a day. My regular doctor wanted to put me on anti-depressants which I thought was ridiculous considering I'm one of the happiest people I know.

I did my research on Nutritional Response Testing and it all made sense to me. Additionally, Monica's warm and energetic personality totally drew me in. After just a few days of following her advice and nutritional/supplements program, my headaches stopped. It has been two weeks now and still no headaches. That's after THREE months of pain every day. Additionally, some of my nut allergies have gone away and I'm sure as I continue with her program - all of them will.

I understand such quick results are not common but I'm totally excited. I look forward to our weekly meetings and what she will instruct me to do next.

Finally, Monica is very affordable. If you have ANY health issues whatsoever or just want to feel better, more healthy and energetic all around, go see her. You will not regret it :)
MLH Wellness offers a unique approach to healthcare.  As a holistic doctor and former cancer scientist, I'm always skeptical of novel therapies and methods of diagnosis but Monica's approach is sound and just fascinating!

She is incredibly thorough and has the ablility to do a review of systems  that is just not possible with most other modaities.

Monica also has a wonderful bedside manner and is very patient...even with an impatient doctor like myself!  I very highly recommend her and her unique treatments.


Dr. MIke Pangelinan
From my first appointment, Monica/ MLH Wellness has inspired me with her professionalism, thoroughness and her keen insights into the body. She knows her stuff! I'm so thankful I took the step to work with Monica and highly recommend her for anyone wanting optimal health.
Laurie H.
Since seeing Monica my son, husband and I have all experienced remarkable transformations.  No doubt the program and it's nutritional requirements is challenging and requires endurance, dedication and willpower but the results are rewarding and downright astounding.  

My five year old who had frequent bouts of asthma, has not been sick in a year.  We used to dread having to give him the inhaler and see the kinds of behavioral problems and side effects kick in.  Now he no longer needs an inhaler, has become an incredibly settled, focused and contented child without the kinds of behavior problems and emotional outbursts so commonly seen in kids his age.  I also stopped the constant mood swings and moodiness associated with women getting older, my energy level is up and I have also lost the weight that often comes with getting older.  I am not having the digestive issues I once had and I also find myself less combative and overall feel more content too.

After seeing the results and working with her over the past year, I trust Monica.  I feel so confident in her treatments that I know when I see her, even after a bad week, she will give us her full attention and that when we leave with a new program we will feel great again and be back on track in no time-really, the results are surprisingly quick.
Monica is like a breath of fresh air in the wellness industry. Her services are stellar and she has helped me so much. I had been to numerous doctors an no one could explain my symptoms. She was the first person to understand and tell me why I was feeling the way I was.

Monica is incredibly knowledgeable, detailed, thorough and most of all intuitive and compassionate. She truly cares for her clients and I feel that every time I am in her presence. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. I am so glad I found her.
MLH Wellness is great.  Monica is very thoughtful, thorough and understanding.  Simply said, she's really good at what she does.  Her holistic and natural solutions and recommendations have made such a difference.  Since going to MLH I have increased energy, I'm not sluggish (I used to have spurts of energy and then they would drop) and my hormones have really evened out.  I've been to quite a few holistic well-being centers throughout the US to deal with various ailments (all having to do with stress, lack of energy, etc.) and she is by far the best.
Treat the source, not the symptom Monica rocks. She goes above and beyond to make sure I'm being taken care of. She was able to determine what was ailing me when no other Eastern or Western practitioner had a clue. I'm forever grateful.
5 Stars! A+++ Monica at MLH has my absolute HIGHEST recommendation.
I've been going to her for the past 3 months and I can't say enough good things about her.  

From day 1, the results that I've seen were unbelievable.

She is the absolute BEST at what she does! And if you are serious about your health and want the best treatment you can find.. Look no further.

I've had severe stomach problems, major food allergies, constant drowsiness, fatigue, brain fog, among other fun things.

And could not find anyone out there that could help me. Trust me, I've tried. I've been to several of the top doctors in the US.. flown out to New York City, Seattle, LA, etc..
Spent tens of thousands of dollars to get absolutely nothing.

NO ONE could help me. There was nothing they could do - besides hand me some prescription drugs to help me live with the symptoms..

I had enough. I was tired of blowing through money and KNEW there had to be a better way.. That was when I found MLH Wellness.. and I am SO glad I did.

From the very first moment I walked into the door, I knew she was different. I knew I was in the right place.

The whole atmosphere of the office is so warm and friendly! Monica has an amazing personality that makes you feel so relaxed, comfortable, and treats you like royalty.

She absolutely LOVES what she does.. and it shows! I've never met someone that cares so much for all of her patients as she does.

And her expertise is INSANE. Within 5 minutes she was telling me exactly what alot of my problems and allergies were.. just by looking at me. Unbelievable!

I swear she's got supernatural powers sometimes..

Anyways, the results I've seen so far are out of this world! I got instant relief from alot of my symptoms.. I've had MAJOR improvements sooo fast, with problems that I've been suffering from for years... problems that NO doctor was able to help me with.

I live down in San Diego.. and GLADLY drive 3 hours + just to see her. That's how good she is!

These are just some of the reasons on why I adore MLH Wellness.. They ROCK!
I went to MLH Wellness because my body's immune system started acting weird. I couldn't get rid of some strange virus symptoms despite several doctors visits and more than a year to "get over it".  Then I broke out into a weird skin rash. It seemed everywhere I was turning doctors were telling me that all I could do was suppress my symptoms - that there was no real way to tell what was wrong or ever actually fix it. That's when I discovered MLH Wellness on Yelp and was inspired by the philosophy on their website: "treat the source, not the symptom."

When I first visited Monica I was pretty skeptical and not sure I could manage both the financial and time commitment. Since I had participated in methods using muscle testing before it wasn't too out of my realm of understanding - but still it seemed a little bizarre. I decided to give it a shot and just wait and see if it worked. As it turns out - working with Monica has been the most impacting and beneficial decision I have made for my health to date.

Within 5 weeks I started noticed improvements in my health - better digestion and more consistent energy. Soon I started shedding weight - even though I was eating lots of food. Although it was a challenge to avoid happy hour cocktails and french bread Monica helped me figure out what foods to substitute (coconut milk instead of dairy in my coffee) and what foods to completely avoid. Even when I did go off the program with the occasional drink or sugary food, she helped me figure out how to get back on track. I was shocked to be eating as much as I wanted - and foods that were delicious (eggs, steak, avocado, and more...) - and shedding pounds like it was nobody's business - and without ANY exercise. I've always struggled with being a little overweight and had never been successful with keeping weight off . Despite an assortment of diets and approaches- nothing stuck. When I started the program I weighed approximately 165 lbs. and now -  almost one year later - I weigh about 125!! I lost 40 pounds and its staying off!! It's been crazy to go from a size 12 to a 2 and to have found an approach to food that I can manage for the rest of my life.

Although the weight loss has been one of the most obvious and enjoyable benefits of the program it is just one of many. Through the course of this program I discovered that my morning slump, moodiness, and huge energy dips were actually not personal faults and definitely not normal - rather they were caused by my body's inability to handle certain stressors. I used to think I was just a super emotional person who hated getting up and going to work every morning - soon I came to find out that was PHYSICAL not emotional, that it is actually possible to wake up feeling amazing.

Other wins: I had the most horrible cramps and PMS that plagued me and have now disappeared. Through the program I got rid of those pesky virus symptoms that had haunted me, eliminated parasites, got rid of bacterial infections, and even addressed the horrible cold sores that I've been stuck with since I was a kid.

As if it couldn't get better, I feel confident that I've actually supported my body to the point that it can fend off future illness and disease. (Cancer and certain health problems run in my family so I've always wanted to do my best to fend them off but never really known how). Okay, so I'm no fortune teller - but this is the healthiest I've ever been and I've got to believe that old adage "prevention is the best medicine."

I've explored many types of natural or non-traditional methods and this is the first that has had a real and lasting impact.

Reality check: The program requires dedication and commitment. You have to make changes and you have to keep coming in every week as your body adjusts and responds to the supplements. There are ups and downs along the way as new layers of disease and issues surfaces. It is a significant financial commitment. Despite all this it is totally worth it.  Monica will coach you and support you along the way - although don't be surprised if she keeps you on your toes... you can expect a scolding followed by a pep talk after a weekend of binge drinking :).  It is worth every penny. The hard work you invest in helping your body heal itself WILL pay off.

This program has changed my approach to caring for my health. I can't help but reccomend it to my family and friends and to you my dear yelp stranger...  

If you are willing to take a shot, check it out and see for yourself :)
Just wanted to drop another note about Monica and her services.  For the first time in a long time, I finally feel whole again thanks to her.  It was a trying time for sure over the past year plus.   At times I doubted the progress, and felt that I was going backwards on occasion.  Keep at it, that's my advice.  She can get you back to 100%!
Monica is my new FAVORITE person.

Let me give you the readers digest version of how I ended up in her care:

I've always struggled with my weight and a severe addiction to sugar and refined carbs - which is a very dangerous combination from a health perspective.
In 2007 I weighed 330 pounds, it took me 5 years BUT I've lost over 100 pounds.
Fast forward to the beginning of 2013 - I had maintained my weight for about a year and half, but still had about 25-30 pounds to go and had recently quit smoking.

Enter MONICA, who I found on YELP.

She broke down some serious mental barriers I had to what it meant to be healthy. Her understanding of her profession is IMMENSE, she is the culmination of three things I believe deeply in but NEVER found in ONE person - holistic medicine, acupuncture (NO needles though) and nutrition.

I've been seeing her for 3 months and have lost 15 pounds and feel like 1 zillion million billion (yeah I said it) dollars.

Western medicine does not address so many issues people have properly, Monica truly is the answer.  Even if you feel healthy - CALL HER, she will change your life.
Holy cats, this program has changed my life.  I have always considered myself to be in good health, although I had chronic digestion and fatigue problems that I just thought were part of the gig for me for my life.  But then in January, I went down sick with a host of strange issues that kept me out of work for weeks and caused me to feel completely miserable, sick and exhausted all the time.  I went through 4 rounds of antibiotics and all of the doctors told me 'well I don't know what else I can do for you".  I was miserable.  Based on a friend's experience, I ended up with Monica and she found a whole host of issues in my system that modern medicine just doesn't have the capacity to test for accurately: viruses, parasites, bacteria, heavy metal toxicity, unhealed scars.  When I first started with her, I really couldn't imagine what would happen, I maybe thought I wouldn't feel quite so sick.  But what I've discovered is that I've been sick my whole life, functionally ill, and had no idea.  I had no idea that people could eat and not get bloated, that feeling tired all the time doesn't mean you're lazy, that so many little physical ailments we just chalk up to being on the planet are really symptoms that something is affecting our body's ability to function properly.  I am about 1/3 of the way through my program, and I feel better than I've ever felt in my life.  I can't imagine how great I'm going to feel when everything clears out of my system.  If you have had chronic issues or ailments that no one can figure out, run, don't walk to Monica's office and just jump in with both feet.  I promise you will be amazed.
I don't know what else to say about Monica, except that she is amazing. Her expertise in holistic medicine is top-notch, and she is dedicated to helping her clients. I have learned SO MUCH from her.  Knowledge is power, especially knowledge that promotes wellness and well-being.  Please check her out!!
I'm convinced that going to MLH Wellness and getting my body back in balance for several months is one of the reasons why I conceived naturally at 41 years old. Healthy baby girl due in June!!! Thanks, Monica!
I first came to Monica at MLH Wellness when I had allergic reaction that landed me in the emergency room. Nobody in the ER could figure why my throat closed up,they just gave me a shot and send me on my way. Monica figured out the root cause of my reaction and after changing my diet and taking some supplements the problem never happened again. I continue seeing her and we handled many other issues along the way. She is very detail oriented and thorough and as an added plus I always have fun at my appointment. I highly recommend her!!!
This is a long one, bare with me...
I have been seeing Monica for 6 months and my quality of life has changed dramatically! I had always suffered from chronic allergies and sore throats but over the past 6 years it became more significant. I started getting hives when I had wheat, then all of a sudden had rashes from dairy, my throat started closing when I took ibuprofen (after taking it with no problem my entire life).
Last year I woke up to bumps on my wrist which were described as tumors by my doctors and the beginning stage of rheumatoid arthritis. I started with blood tests every 6 weeks showing inflammation/autoimmune disease and I had the tumors surgically removed which was a painful surgery. A large part of the surgery was to biopsy the tumor but the pathology department failed to do so and I was back to square one. When my doctors response was to continue doing blood tests until whatever it is is so bad that the problem becomes clear, I knew there was a problem and yelp'd holistic healing and my beloved Monica appeared.
I began with hesitation and skepticism but have since seen the light. After the first two months of seeing Monica I had a blood test and saw Monica the next day. She mentioned my thyroid was out of whack and gave me the right supplement to correct it. When I got the blood tests back a few days later my rheumatologist told me my blood work was almost normal and to keep up with whatever I was doing and my thyroid seemed a bit under active. Monica knew from a non-invasive procedure BEFORE my blood work came back that something was wrong with my thyroid. 4 Months have passed and my blood work came back COMPLETELY NORMAL for the second time in a row.
If this isn't a testament to the accuracy and my adoration towards Monica, I'm not sure what is.
If you have a chronic problem(s), Monica is your lady!
I actually went to Monica initially on a general search to learn more about holistic treatments for the symptoms I was experiencing. What I came to understand and learn from her has changed my life forever.

After my initial consultation with her, I knew I was 100% in and ready to start learning more about my body and how to make the best choices for it. However, my bank account was definitely not. I was dealing with a tight budget due to paying back my Student Loans, but knew that when I decided to start my healing process with her, I wouldn't be able to 'pause' due to financial adjustments.  That's not to say that Monica's services are too expensive - I feel that all her prices are EXTREMELY fair, and you really get more than you're paying for in terms of attention and compassion from her. She's 'in it' just as much as you are.

Six Months Later, I was finally ready to get started. And I am so proud and happy that I did. Over the last six months of working with Monica and learning about the stress and challenges my body was going through, I have been able to:

-Completely eliminate the constant Anxiousness/Anxiety Attacks I was frequently having (and taking RX medication for)
-Ween myself off of all unnecessary RX medications (specifically, for Anxiety, Allergies, etc.)
-No longer experience constant sinus issues (infections, colds, etc.)
-Alleviate ALL sleep insomnia issues
-Eliminate digestive irregularities/annoyances
-Regain the energy levels in my day-to-day life that I haven't felt since College (and that wasn't too long ago!)
-Experience dramatically better mobility/flexibility and physical capabilities (finally able to exercise again!)
-Learn what foods/substances/products help support my body in a healthy way, and which ones work against it.
-Get my body into a healthy, balanced state (including some weight loss)
-Eliminate constant cravings/dependency on sugar, caffeine, alcohol

I think the real essence of what is so great about Monica and NRT is that it's literally customized to YOU. Seriously. No more magazine articles telling you why you might be allergic to gluten, or why you just need to drink more water with lemon, or other broad/generic information. Monica and her method of testing is 100% customized to exactly what your body is going through. So much so, that it's freaky. She was able to discern things about my body/symptoms that I hadn't even thought about or realized. To say it's eye opening is an understatement.

To those of you who are looking for a healthier way of life, but are on the fence about Monica's services or NRT in general, PLEASE do yourself a favor and just go for it. At first, it it can seem expensive, but if you do the math, and follow the steps, you're actually saving money in the long run. Yes, the dietary changes/eliminations are serious, but the more serious you are, the better and faster your healing will be. Plus, you will always have a friendly, informative, and supportive 'partner in crime' with Monica by your side. She really is the backbone of the whole process.

I've already recommended a number of people to go see her - and you definitely should too!
MHL wellness has been the only program that has helped me to feel healthy again! After years of struggling with health issues, Monica's program has finally provided results and I have never felt better. She has really helped me lead a healthier and happier life.
Love Monica and her program, she is extremely bright and well-versed in alternative healing.  I only wish I lived closer to he
so it wasn't such a drive for me.  I still follow her advice to avoid dairy, wheat, soy and sugar and it has helped me a lot!
Thanks to Monica and MLH I got my quality of life back!! I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis disease in 2003.  This disease is a nightmare!  In 2009 my symptoms got worse and my body was no longer responding to the maintenance drug - Asacol. My health was declining rapidly.  I immediately had to start on prednisone (steroid) for a few months to reduce the inflammation. The steroid drug was to help with the transition to a stronger more permanent drug called Mercaptopurine (6MP). 6MP is a chemo therapy drug which I used to think was a miracle drug as it cured my UC symptoms. After a couple of years on 6MP I then started experiencing bad side effects . I then felt my health was declining again but at a slower pace.  By the beginning of 2013 I couldn't take the 6MP side-effects anymore and started looking into alternative methods.  I came to MLH and what modern medicine couldn't do for me, homeopathic remedies and a change in diet did.  Taking the holistic approach helped me reset my system and I have been medicine free for 8 months now! My blood work is now normal and much improved than before. With Monica's help and guidance I got my life back! I have to admit I was skeptical at first and scared to taper off the medicine but with Monica's help I was able to get through it.  MLH truly saved my life.